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        Best BackUp Services & Plugins For WordPress Websites

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        Ever lost your WordPress website to malicious scripts, bad code or cyber attacks? Made a change that you wish you hadn’t, have no way of going back ??If any of that sounds familiar to you, then you’ve might want to read further.

        WordPress is normally a safe and reliable content management system for your website. But sometimes despite all your precautions, something might go awry. Say you lose your website, how would you go about restoring it to its former glory? By using a backup of course!

        Manual versus Automatic Backup

        Manual Backups will work for a small website with a small number of viewers and a small staff, but as your website audience and staff grows in size, you can seldom afford to allow your website to go offline. Whilst manual Backups offer more choice, it is definitely more cumbersome to keep manually backing up your website.?You can read more about to how to use Manual Back ups on WordPress Codex.

        Generally website admins are far too busy to manually back up their websites and failure to backup regularly can leave your website susceptible to avoidable downtime, should your website lose any data or fall victim to a hack. Or if your host’s servers come under attack physical (Any natural disaster, take your pick) or otherwise. For a website with a respectably large audience, it is best that you use a premium back up service or plugin.?And even if your website isn’t a very popular one, you should still employ a free plugin at the very least.

        Here are a few WordPress back up services that you might want to consider to help keep your website live 24*7 without losing any data .

        Premium WordPress Backup Services

        Even if you are on a tight budget, spending a little extra on a backup service?is money well spent. These services do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can sleep soundly know that your WordPress site is in good hands.


        A back up service provided by Automattic, founded by Matt Mullenweg. VaultPress provides a plethora of back up choices ranging from the most basic starting at $5/mo to the advanced priced at $29/mo. In fact, we trust?VaultPress to backup WPExplorer each and everyday.

        VP Restores

        VaultPress can create and hold an up to date copy of your website with daily/realtime syncing of all your WordPress content and provide automated restore options. In addition, a security scan is performed to keep you informed of any possible threats to site security.


        It is very easy to look though the back up archive and decide which back up you might want to use.?With VaultPress, you can easily restore your website with an FTP or SSH connection. You can download your backups and save it on any portable storage device or upload it to any online storage website like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you ever have any trouble with restorations, VaultPress provides great support to help you with website restoration.

        For $29/mo, you get spam protection, automated restores, real time backups, security scanning, full backup archive and safekeeper support. The most minimal plan Lite, provides daily backup, automated restores, safekeeper support and a 30 day backup archive.


        You can use VaultPress for mutliple websites with only one account. And you can access all backups by installing VaultPress Plugin.

        VaultPress?Details & Download

        BackupBuddy by iThemes

        BackupBuddy - WordPress Backup Plugin to Restore Move WordPress

        Use BackupBuddy to backup and restore WordPress websites seamlessly and without much effort at all. You can save your back up anywhere via Amazon web services, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP and email.

        BackupBuddy - WordPress Backup Plugin to Restore Move WordPress (1)

        With BackUp Buddy you can run frequent database backups or complete backups, use offsite storage options, use BackUp Buddy Stash storage, schedule backups, exclude certain files from being backed up and create backup profiles.

        BackupBuddy - WordPress Backup Plugin to Restore Move WordPress (2)

        Restoration is very easy to follow, even for a WordPress newbie. BackUp Buddy can help transport your WordPress site to another domain or host easily. Other features of BackUp Buddy include email notifications, backup storage limits, individual file storage, malware scans, Database text replacements, database scan & repair and interactive site directory map.

        BackupBuddy?Details & Download


        Website Backup in the Cloud CodeGuard

        A backup system that creates a backup of everything on your WordPress site. The setup process shouldn’t be too difficult for someone who’s been using WordPress for a while, the backups are created automatically and you can monitor any changes to files on your network.

        Restoration can be done by downloading the zip file and performing manual restore, or selecting certain files to restore or the easy way would be choosing an automatic full restore. With plans ranging from $39-$239/mo it might sound a bit expensive, but?it’s really?not when you take into consideration that it’s protecting your site.

        CodeGuard?Details & Download


        WordPress Backup Plugin - Snapshot from WPMU DEV

        Snapshot is a plugin by WPMU DEV that creates backups of all content, entire database or specific tables. The plugin can be scheduled to perform automated backups and you can save your back ups to Dropbox, Amazon S3 or SFTP.

        Snapshot?Details & Download


        blogVault - Complete WordPress Backup Service

        A secure backup system that helps WordPress users create backups automatically, perform auto restorations, migrate sites and view backups for up to 30 days. You can save any backup you want from the back up archive to Dropbox. You can test-run back ups on blogVAULT servers, to check if the selected backup is the one you wanted.

        blogVAULT?Details & Download

        WordPress Backup?Plugins

        Just because you budget doesn’t give you enough wiggle room for one of the?premium options we mentioned, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find an awesome plugin to help you regularly backup?your site. Checkout these free WordPress plugins that are great options for backups.



        Updraft is an effective and highly popular freemium plugin that helps create backups of your WordPress website on Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, SCP, OpenStack Swift, WebDAV and even via email. You can have different schedules for your website’s files and databases.

        Use Updraft to perform quick restores, auto backups with repeating schedules, migrate sites, select specific files to backup and download backup archives. If an upload stops prematurely or fails, the plugin reattempts the failed upload. Encrypt database backups with the premium version of the plugin. This plugin works in multiple languages and translation work is ongoing. The free version is great, but for more features you can switch to their premium plugin.

        UpdraftPlus?Details & Download

        BackWPup Free

        backUpwp free

        BackWPup is another freemium plugin that can perform automated backups of WordPress sites, perform WordPress XML export, optimize, check & repair databases. The backups can be stored via FTP servers, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace cloud, Sugar Sync and in the pro versions to Amazon Glacier and Google Drive. And if you ever need more features or support, simply upgrade to the premium version of the?plugin.

        BackWPup?Details & Download



        BackUp WordPress can backup your entire WordPress database and all related files. You can manage multiple schedules, this plugin works on both Linux & Windows servers, you can exclude files and folders from your backups. This plugin has been translated into several languages.

        BackUpWordPress?Details & Download

        A few points about Backing Up WordPress worth noting,

        • Always maintain a full backup of your website, in the unlikely event that your backup service fails you.
        • Frequency of blog posts by you or your writers can be used as a measure to determine backup frequency.
        • Backup after and before major updates.


        There is really no reason, not to back up your website. It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is exactly why backing up your website is highly advocated. Even if you were to feel that your website isn’t going to lose much in the way of traffic/revenue because of a little down time, you could still potentially lose everything you’ve put up on your website.?I’d definitely recommend that you’d at least get a free plugin to help safeguard your WordPress site.

        Have you tried any of the services or plugins we mentioned above? Or did we miss you favorite backup plugin? Let us know in the comments section – we’d love to hear from you!

        Article by Vishnu WPExplorer.com author
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        1. Lee Blue (@leehblue)

          I’ve used both BackWPUp and BackupBuddy. Both work great. BackupBuddy is also good for migrating a site from one domain to another although I tend to use WP DB Migrate Pro for that most of the time. I also find that my backup needs for most of my sites are really simple and the free version of BackWPUp works great and is all I need.

          • Vishnu

            Free backups should be enough in most cases ??

          • Helen

            I am using Backup & Restore Dropbox PRO for my WordPress site. Works good for backup,restore and migration. Easy and not expensive. Before I used Free version of it. Satisfied with it.

        2. Angus McKinnon

          I spent a week going through all the various backup programs trying to work out what was best for me, installed a couple, but a month later deleted them as I had a good look and worked out that my host was doing nightly backups with a 30 day history of my files and database anyway with a 1 click restore. Not sure why more people don’t simply recommend checking out what backups their ISP provides.

          • Vishnu

            There is chance, however unlikely that your host may come under attack. And unless your backups and original files are saved on different servers, there is chance of loss of data, whereas a third party backup service is almost certainly saved in a completely different location. The chance of data loss is this case becomes even less, hence the caution.

        3. Mladen Gradev

          I think BackWPup Free is a must. I am using it on every WP site. Sometimes BackWPup Free stops working. It is a great plugin, but something happens with the schedule.

          I am using also VaultPress and it is very useful too. This is a premium plugin and it is working all the time. Every day it makes a backup of your WP site. I highly recommend it.

          I have watched some promo videos of Snapshop and if it is working like in the videos, then it is worth it 100%.

        4. Mark

          We recently purchased a lifetime for Backup Buddy, and have to say, its awesome.
          After trying most of the others, am happy we now have a reliable backup solution that we can one click and know our website is securely backed up.

          • Vishnu

            One click backups and auto scheduled backups provide peace of mind, you do not have to worry constantly ??

        5. Sundra

          These are some excellent tools! I’d love to give some of these a try. I usually get pretty nervous when I’m touching my WordPress codes, so this should ease the panic somewhat.

        6. Sundra

          There’s really no reason not to backup, and these tools just make it all the more easier to do so. Anyone in their right mind who wants to avoid any surprise hassles should consider any or all of these.

          • Vishnu

            Couldn’t have put it better! Thanks Sundra ??

        7. Linda

          We use the plugin WPB2D. It takes a long time for the initial backup, but after that it’s quick.

        8. Siva Babu M

          Hi vishnu
          We developed one free backup and restore solution named as WP Time Capsule. Try it and give suggestions . It does incremental backup . Additionally schedule backup added .

        9. Alex Spinu

          Another solution that you may have a look, especially if you work with WordPress, is WP SuperBackup which provide you also a Cloud Migration platform.

        10. Tally

          Indeed, I found this article helpful, thorough and well-written. Thanks!

        11. Michael Bely

          Vishnu, thanks for your post, but I’ve noticed a little error in your text:
          CodeGuard’s plans are starting from $5/mo for 1-year plan and $3/mo for 3-year plan.
          So, it’s not just one of the most reliable services out there, but also one of the most affordable ones.

          Some other notes:
          BackupBuddy can’t handle big sites.
          VaultPress does not backup your entire website.
          CodeGuard, VaultPress, BlogVault are very efficient working with sites of any size, since these are incremental backup services.
          VaultPress have hourly backup option, BlogVault has real-time backup option (in Beta, though).

        12. Anuradha Chawla

          Yes, you should always have your own backup system in place. Many of our users found themselves in situations where their hosting providers backup was corrupt or simply not available. Try Codeguard for back up services. Worth every penny. It has saved my bacon several times and easy to use, reliable and quick. Support is fantastic too.

        13. John Crooks

          Great list! I also use Duplicator. It allows you to migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another. The plugin also serves as a simple backup utility.

        14. arifbca09

          I had my blog for over two months before I realised how to back up my computer. I am always wanting to follow the rules because if something goes wrong I turn into a mess. Then I got some advice on how to do it, reading another post. But that was a different process to yours, so I will do my back up with my web host. I like the idea of having more than one copy somewhere. Not sure if I would know what to do if I needed it, but would wait until that happens. Thanks for this informative post.


        15. ella

          I have been trying to backup my web pages for some weeks now but i couldn’t find the right backup plugin to use until i found database backup amazon s3 which has helped me to create database backup for my web page and then upload it to amazon s3 cloud.

        16. webston

          Database backup amazon s3 is the best backup wordpress that i am using now and will continue to use

        17. Rachael

          Presently, I am using Backup and Restore Dropbox by WPAdm. At first, I was using the free version, but when I launched my second site I moved to using their Online Service which allows good schedule features and migration.

        18. Momo

          The best backup wordpress that i use and have recommended to my friends is “backup & restore dropbox“.This plugin is just the best of all. It’s free,easy and simple to use.

        19. Dave

          I have been using Backup and Restore Dropbox Plugin for over 4 months. It is completely safe, reliable and very convenient for website backup.

        20. faithsam

          Hi guys seems Backup and Restore Dropbox wpadm is just the best for you it is so essential with vital capacity to backup your files database and site give it a try

        21. Sergio

          Awesome list! Im currently using the Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin and its remarkably serving me well. y’all should try it

        22. deebraa

          Database backup amazon s3 is the plugin that back up my site its customizable with Manuel backups and you can schedule how you want.

        23. Nishat Mahmud

          I think Updraft to be the best in business. I’m using it in my blog and I’ve got zero complains

        24. Rob

          Seems you miss my favourite backup plugin that can make backups and restores, clone and schedule backups. You can check it. It’s name is Backup & Restore Dropbox by wpadm. Maybe you will overview it as well.
          Best Regards

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